After selecting the Reviews tab from the dashboard, there will be a selection of tabs on the upper right hand of your screen. Click on the "Reviews by Rating" button to have your reviews categorized, as shown below.


From here you will see three charts about reviews. Starting with the "Reviews by Ratings" chart you can see your reviews broken down by each rating to see visually the comparison of reviews you have received. 


To the right of this, you can also see a box showing your average rating score, total reviews of all time, new reviews, growth, and your top ratings.


Under Top Ratings, you can choose to export your top review ratings into a PDF file. Change the number next to the "Review Limit" to control the number of reviews that will appear on the PDF. Once you export your reviews into a PDF you will see your top reviews in full detail on one document. This is a great way to show your top reviews in a business report or to send out to all of your employees.

On the lower end of the Reviews by Rating section you can see a brief description of each review categorized by the rating that they left.