The dashboard tabs or side tabs are all the tabs that will display on the left side of the app. These tabs include features such as the dashboard homepage, location management, user management, invite new user, business management, my profile, and integrations section. Additionally, there’s a support button on the right side of the app in case you need to contact support to ask a question, problem, etc.

Business Management

The “Business Management” tab section is convenient when you want to modify credit card information, change content order settings, or update your company logo for your Clickx profile.



The content ordering settings is a great tool if you need to improve the content for a website. It is important to enter the company information, target audience, things (content) to mention, and things (content) to avoid fields that are shown. By doing so, this will help speed up the content ordering process. 


If you want to update your company logo then all you need to do is hit the “Upload Logo” button and find the logo that you want to use from your desktop.