To add a Google Search Console account to Clickx, first scroll to the left side of the Clickx dashboard and go to the “Integrations” section to view your third-party applications.



Google Search Console is a free search tool that monitors your website presence in Google searches. Specifically, this tool measures keywords and search data to show businesses how they rank on specific keyword searches and how they’re generating web traffic. Google Search Console serves as a measuring stick for the marketing efforts of a business. For more information about Google Search Console, visit for more information.

  • Add a Google Search Console account
To add a Google Search Console account to Clickx, first go to the “Integrations” section. You’ll have to create a new Google Analytics account first if you haven’t done so already. Login to your Clickx account and Google Analytics account in another browser page. On the Integrations page, click on the “Setup” button to setup your Google Search Console account with Clickx.


Next, you’ll be redirected to a page requesting your permission for Clickx to view information from your Google Analytic’s account. Click on “Allow” and you’ll be redirected to your Google Search Console Profile.


Alternatively to create a  Google Search Console account, go to Go to the “Admin” tab in your profile and then click on the “Add Property” button at the top of the page, if it doesn’t show up already. 


Next, you will need to enter your “Website URL” and hit the “Add” button. 



Now you will need to verify that you are an owner of the website. On the screen shown, go to the “Alternative Methods” tab. There are three methods to verify your Google Search Console profile. The preferred method to use is the Google Analytics method.


1. "Google Analytics" - Click on the "Google Analytics" option and hit the "Verify" button. You may need to copy your Tracking ID Code from your Google Analytics account to help verify the ownership. To do so, under "Property", click "Tracking Info" and then go to "Tracking Code" to copy it.


2. “HTML Tag” - Click on the “HTML Tag” option and copy the text line shown, beginning with “<meta name=”. In another web browser, open your home page website editor and paste that text line into the head section of your home page. Make sure to save the changes and now in the Google Search Console setup page, hit the “Verify” button.


3. "Domain Name Provider” - Click on the “Domain Name Provider” option and in the drop-down list, choose your company. Since it varies for each user, follow the instructions Google gives you. Make sure to save the changes and hit the “Verify” button in the Google Search Console setup page.


For more information on setting up Google Search Console, please visit the "Setting up Google Search Console" section in Clickx support.