The Troubleshooting section is helpful if you are experiencing any technical problems with Clickx or your web browser. Whether your data won’t load, updating a web browser, or clearing cache, this section can help solve common occurring problems with Clickx.

Updating your web browser will give you the ability to use updated versions of apps, flash-players, loading your Clickx data, etc.

To update Google Chrome:

1) Go to your Chrome Preferences on the top left of your desktop screen.


Then go to the “About” tab on the top left of the preferences section.  


2) Google Chrome will tell you what Chrome Version you have and if you need to update it. You can see that this web browser is Version 53 and is up-to-date. There will usually be an update button to click on if its not updated. For more information on updating and installing Chrome, visit this website

To update Safari:

1) Go to the “Apple icon” on the top left of your desktop screen.

2) Click on the “App Store”.


3) Click on “Updates”


4) If your Safari Browser needs an update, it will display on the list of updates. Just click on the “Update” button next to the Safari Icon and it will update. For more information on updating Safari, visit