When you manage a Google Analytics user, you can choose an account’s access abilities. This determines whether the account has account access, property access, or view access to Google Analytics. For an example, if you add a user at a view level, that means that the user can access the Google Analytics account but can only view everything. They won’t have permissions to the Google Analytics account at an account or property level. You can change user permissions in your Google Analytics account at anytime.


To modify a user in your Google Analytics account, first login into your Google Analytics account. Go to the “Admin Tab” and then click on “User Management” in either the “Account”, “Property”, or “View” columns shown.



Once you're in “User Management” for one of the three columns, go to the search bar on the top right of the screen to find a user. To find a user, enter the user’s full or partial address. For an example, a user’s full or partial address could be johnsmith3@gmail.com or johnsmith3.


To add or remove permissions for a user, use the selector arrow under the account permissions title. Click on the “Save” button to save the permissions for a Google Analytics user.