The “Support Button” tab, on the right side of the app, is a useful tool in case you need to contact Clickx support if you have a problem, to ask a question, etc. Use this tool if you can’t find a solution in the Clickx support forums. Fill in your email address, subject, and your message in the empty fields. Attach an image by hitting the paperclip icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. Hit the “Send Feedback” button on the bottom right corner of the screen and it will send the message to the Clickx support team. If you have additional questions, visit our customer support forums page.  


The Clickx support forums is a useful knowledge base website for customers, consisting of articles, images, and videos for each section of Clickx. The knowledge base is a great guide to address commonly asked questions and answers to help you find solutions, understand Clickx, and make your experience as easy as possible. Go to this link to view the forums: