Submitting feedback about Clickx is always important to help us understand how we can improve the platform in any way. Feedback can be related to the Clickx platform, Clickx website, Clickx support forums, accessing Clickx, community feedback, or anything else that you want to address. Report any problems you experience with Clickx at the Clickx support ticket page at The Clickx team reads all feedback carefully and that we will respond as soon as possible.

Community Feedback

The “Community Feedback” section is useful for customers who want to post questions, answer questions, give an opinion, suggestion, concern, and give feedback to other customers in the Clickx community. The community feedback section is an additional Clickx support channel and a good way for community members to help each other. This section helps customers get a sense of what areas of trouble other customers are having or features that are highly requested. We ask that you please do not post irrelevant content other than feedback related to Clickx. For community feedback, visit this link:

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Did you find this helpful?” is a link at the bottom of every page in the Clickx support forums to help give feedback for each section. This support link helps Clickx better understand if a page was beneficial or not for a customer. The image below shows what this tool looks like.

To improve each article in the support forums, we ask that you type in your email, specify the feedback type, and write feedback that you want to address. Hit the “Send” button on the bottom of the screen and it will send the message to the Clickx support team.