The dashboard tabs or side tabs are all the tabs that will display on the left side of the app. These tabs include features such as the dashboard homepage, location management, user management, invite new user, business management, my profile, and integrations section. Additionally, there’s a support button on the right side of the app in case you need to contact support to ask a question, problem, etc.

  •  Integrations
The “Integrations” tab section is a useful tool for managing and syncing your third-party applications, such as Google AnalyticsGoogle Search ConsolePerfect Audience, etc., with Clickx. When you integrate third-party applications you use to run your business with Clickx, your platform can become more effective. Clickx can easily track your campaign metrics from these softwares and summarize the reports for you.

For more information on adding integrations to your Clickx profile, see the Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or the Perfect Audience sections in Clickx support.