If you are having trouble logging into your Clickx account and forgot your password, you’ll want to reset your password. Copy or type this link into your web browser: https://app.clickx.io/users/sign_in. Click on “Forgot Password?”, at the bottom of the page, to easily reset your password.

You’ll be directed to this page:

Enter your campaign email and click on the “Send me reset password instructions” button to request a link to change your password. Check your campaign email inbox for the new password link. If you can’t find the password link in your email, check your spam folder just in case the link is in there.

The email in your inbox should look similar to this:



Click on the “Change my password” button to get redirected to a password reset page. 

The password reset page should look like this:

Fill the “Enter New Password” field with your new password. Re-enter the new password in the “Confirm New Password” field for confirmation. Once you make a new password, click on the “Change My Password” button to submit the password update. Now you’ll be able to login with your username and new password. Contact Clickx if you are still having trouble with your username and password.