Setting up your Google Search Console is crucial to verify that your site is in the Google Search Console database. When your site is in the database, you're providing information to Google to show your website data, keywords, keyword rankings, clicks for listings, site crawl errors, etc. This tool is effective for a business because it can monitor your website presence in Google searches for consumers to see. By verifying your site, it tells Google that you're the real site owner and aren't a competitor trying to gain access to your information.

Steps to Set up Google Search Console

1. Sign in to the Google account you intend to use for your business. If you do not have a Google account you will have to create one. Add your site once you're signed in. 

Make sure to enter the full domain or sub-domain of your website to ensure you're qualifying the correct website. It is important to know that for an example, and are considered different sites in Google Search Console.  

2. After adding your website, you'll have to verify that you own the site. There may not be any data available immediately after verification, but check back in a couple days.

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For more information on Google Search Console and syncing it to Clickx, please visit the "Integrations Tab #2: Add a Google Search Console Account" section in Clickx support.