After you have saved your location in the Clickx dashboard, you can now track and monitor your reviews on our custom landing page. You should incorporate a landing page on your website and social platforms for customers to leave a review. You must have your location saved on your account to set up this feature. 

Go to the location management icon located on the left hand of your screen to review locations that were set up. If your location has been saved, it will be shown on the map like the image shown below.

From here you can view your custom landing page by clicking on the "Review Landing Page" option. If you have already uploaded your company's image, it will appear at the top of the landing page as shown below.

This URL can be copied and posted on your website or social media to help start filtering reviews. The benefit of using this reviews form is the ability to filter your reviews based on the rating that the person gave your company in their review. Once this has been set up, you can customize different messages based on the star rating given to you. To set up your custom messages, go back to the "Location Management" main page that shows a map with your company's location on it. This time, click on the "Review Message" button that will take you to a screen that looks similar to the screenshot shown below. 

These messages can be a way to either help convince the consumer to return for another visit with some sort of incentive, apologize for a poor experience, or can be used to thank them for taking the time to leave a review and appreciate their feedback. Once uploaded, These images will appear here for you to review.

Once someone has written a review on this URL, they will be taken to one of two different pages depending on their rating. If their review was a 3-5 star rating, a page will be shown similar to the one below.

The customized message in the image above is meant to encourage customers to share a positive review. Customers can simply hit the "Copy to Clipboard" icon and their review will be copied for them to paste on another site. The "Google +" or "Yelp" icon will take them to your company's profile on those sites. When you set up your company's location, you can integrate social media links to see reviews from those sites (these can be added or changed at any time).

If someone were to leave a bad review, they would be taken to a page similar to that screenshot below. On this page, it shows an apology in attempt to rectify a bad experience. Underneath the apology, is a custom image/message that you can set up. Another difference in this page is the lack of links that would take them to another site to leave a review. This helps filter out any negative reviews from appearing on more public sites such as Yelp, Facebook, Google +, etc. This method doesn't stop customers from posting negative reviews to these sites. This method will hopefully make customers leave positive reviews on third party sites and prevent negative reviews from going public. 

Get more familiar with local reviews: