Content is king. Creating informative, engaging content is the best way to direct web traffic to your site. Creating content can be difficult, but fortunately for Clickx users, you can order content for your website directly through Clickx.  Content comes in many forms, including blogs, city pages, social media posts, and video. To order Content for your campaign, click on the “Content” icon near the bottom of the dashboard.

To learn more about Content, here's a quick video summary to get more familiar with the Content icon section in Clickx.


An overview of the Content icon section shows a list of all of the content articles that were ordered for your website. The overview shows all of the ordered content articles, when they were created, when they were last modified, the status, and whether you want to approve it or not.


When you click on a content article, you can review the progress of the order, in the image below. In the example, you can see that the content article's status is listed as a draft. Once the draft is completed, the content article can be submitted for a review. Next, the content article can be evaluated for feedback, if there is any. Use feedback to make any necessary edits to the content article in the final proofing stage. Once you make a final proofread, you can approve the content article and post it on your website. You will know that the content article is ready for publish by seeing a status that says, "Ready to Publish" in the content overview.



Viewing Orders
In the Content icon section, click on the "View Orders" button to view statuses for each content article that was ordered. You can view the order, payment, and action status for each content article. As another way to view the status, the order status will say "complete" once it's finished. The payment status will say "completed" once you have paid for the content and the action will show show a green check mark to notify that the content article is completed and ready for publishing. An example of an order status is shown in the picture below.



Placing Orders

In the Content icon section, click on the "Place Order" button and specify exactly what you're looking for. Content is a viable way to increase organic traffic and provide value to customers and prospective customers. We're marketing professionals at Clickx and have years of experience in collaborating with companies in content creation. To customize your order, you can select the product type, industry type, and the speciality of the writer for the content article. In the budget and quality section, it is crucial to select the range of words that will be used for the article and the content writer level. Customizing the content order type, word range, and content writer level will adjust the price calculator to determine the content order price. Additionally, describe a brief project description by providing the order title, a list of writing instructions, company information, target audience, and things to mention and avoid to give the content writer a better understanding of what to write.




If you have any SEO instructions for the content writer, select the checkbox shown below. A list of instructions will pop-out for you to specify. Type in your SEO instructions, required keywords, and optional keywords to give the content writer a better understanding of what SEO content you want for a content article.


After steps 1, 2, and 3, the 4th step of placing a content order would be selecting when you want the content order to be finished by. The date range is between 2 days to 3 weeks. To monitor the order status, you can click on the "View Orders" icon to view statuses for each content article that was ordered. The 5th step is whether you want proofreading for the content. If you want proofreading, we will check spelling and grammar to ensure the article is ready to be publish. Make sure to click on the, "$ Place Order" on the right side of the screen to finalize your order.


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