Google Analytics is a real-time tool that measures overall traffic. Businesses can track the effects of marketing campaigns in Google Analytics and see if their efforts are producing results. When Google Analytics tracks traffic it lets businesses know when they're doing something right and when they need to reevaluate their strategy. It is a good idea to frequently check Google Analytics because it's better to identify a problem sooner rather than later.

From this graph we can track and view several different things.

  • You are able to view the number of user visits per day on a selected time period of your choosing.
  • You can see the page-to-visit ratio per day to understand how many different pages on your website the average visiter is looking at.
  • You can view the average session of the total users per day to better understand how long people are staying on your website for.
  • There is also a tab where you can see the percentage of new visitors to your website to understand what kind of leads are coming to your website.
  • Finally you can see the bounce rate off your website to better understand the percentage of people that are staying on your website.