One you have added your competitors, click “View” on whichever competitor you’d like to compare yourself with. 


You will then be able to see their statistics as demonstrated below with an example competitor.



The screenshot above shows the backlink data for a competitor. Backlinks, incoming links from a site page on a website to another website, are crucial in SEO. Acquiring a large quantity of quality backlinks is a great way to shoot up the Google rankings for specific keywords. With Clickx, business owners can see how their competitors are using backlinks to generate traffic. These stats are a good measurement to compare how you are stacking up to your competition. You can see how your website ranks within your industry and which competitors might be doing a little bit better or worse than you.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow are metrics that indicate the influence of a site's backlinks. The higher scores, the more influential Clickx users can see what sites are directing visitors to their competitors' sites. Referring domains are the sites that link to competitors sites and external backlinks are the number of links to the site. Anchor text information and top organic keywords are also featured on the page for each competitor. Each category opens into separate statistics based on what you are interested in researching. To learn more about backlinks and how they can be beneficial, check out the "Backlinks" section.