It's crucial to know who you're competing against in a crowded, competitive market. If you own a small business, your competitors are similarly-sized businesses in your area, not national or international conglomerates.  Tracking similarly-sized operations will be more useful. Large corporations have more brand awareness and face different issues than local businesses. Clickx provides business owners with insight on how given competitors generate web traffic. Businesses can track competitors of their choosing. Adding your competition in the Clickx Dashboard is simple. Simply click on the "Competitors" icon in the middle of the dashboard.

To learn more about Competitors, here's a quick video summary to get more familiar with the Competitors icon section in Clickx.


Once in the competitor section, you will be able to see a list of your competition. In the example below, no competitors have been entered. To add a competitor, simply click on the “+Add Competition” button.

This will then prompt you to enter the domain name of your competitor. Repeat these steps for each competitor.

Once the competition has been entered, you will be able compare the digital marketing efforts of your business to its top competitors.