What is the value of Content Audits?

Content audits are critical to understanding and evaluating the performance of your content pertaining to business goals, user needs, editorial standards, and performance factors such as search engine optimization and content use or web analytics. 



Content audits are useful for:

  • Identifying whether content consistently follows template, editorial, style and metadata guidelines
  • Establishing a basis for gap analysis between content you have and want
  • Preparing content for revision, removal, and migration

ho performs Content Audits? 

  • Content strategists and marketers
  • Content managers and developers
  • Website designers and managers
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) managers

How much time do you need for an audit? 

The key factors in estimating audit schedules depend on the size of your website and how in-depth of an evaluation you want.

Can I run multiple crawls at the same time? 

Yes, you can run up to 15-20 simultaneously. 

How often should I check to Audit my website?

This depends on the amount of changes or updates you are making to your website. For optimal performance, it is best to audit your site every month or every other month to ensure there are no lingering problems.