Search Console provides businesses with the opportunity to reverse engineer their content. Content creation can be difficult and time-consuming. Businesses cannot afford to waste time and money, guessing what kind of content people want to see.  Businesses should emphasize keywords in their content that they want to improve upon. By using reverse engineering, Search Console has a vital component that can suggest potential keywords that you can add to your campaign. Search Console gives businesses ideas of what kind of content they should be producing to rank higher for specific searches. By tailoring content to common searches related to their business, companies will improve their online visibility and increase web traffic. 

All content that gets published on your website is important. Content is a reflection of what your business stands for, so carefully consider the image you want to convey. Adding great content will create a better and more engaging user experience. Reverse engineering is a great way to make sure your site is informative and consumers are aware of your brand. Web traffic data, crawl errors, and site maps are more factors to determine an effective website. Reverse engineering with Google Search Console is a great way to beat the competition and make your business stand out.