Google Search Console is an incredibly useful tool that allows businesses to track how they rank for certain search keywords. With this intelligence, businesses have a better idea of visible they are online and what keywords could be generating more traffic. To learn more about why you should use Google Search Console for your website, please visit this article. To review Search Console data for your campaign, click on the "Search Console" icon on the right of the dashboard.


To learn more about Google Search Console, here's a quick video summary to get more familiar with the Search Console icon section in Clickx.


Specifically, this tool measures keywords and search data to show businesses how they rank on specific keyword searches, how they’re generating web traffic, and provides information about search crawl errors. With the information provided, it can help you improve web traffics and links with keywords. The tabs in Search Console include, "Top Queries," "Top Pages," "Crawl Errors," and "Site Maps." The Top Queries section shows a list of keywords that you can add or delete from your campaign, as well as data to show whether a keyword is successful or not.


The Top Pages section shows web traffic data for a list of pages from your website, as well as data to show how those web pages are driving traffic.


The Crawl Errors section shows if any of your site URLs have any crawl problems, such as 404 errors.


The Site Maps section shows a list of sites that you submitted to be crawled for search bots and explains the organization of your site content. This section specifically shows the number of web pages and images that were submitted to the Site Map, when they were processed, and how many were indexed.


Google Search Console features graphs for average position, impressions, clicks, and click-through rates to let businesses know if their marketing efforts are working.