To track Display ads for your campaign, click on the “Display” icon on the right of the dashboard.


The Display section monitors performances of display ads for your campaign. Furthermore, the display ads get linked to Google’s Display Network. Using Google’s Display Network, it can find specific target audiences by using a network that has millions of websites. These websites cover a vast majority of the Internet (more than 90%), which are associated with the Google Display Network. The display tool can help target campaign ads to reach audiences on a variety of ad formats and in different ways. Ad formats such as image, video, rich media, or text ads can show on the Display Network. This network can help you reach audiences when they are looking at an image, watching a video, using an app, browsing on a website, mobile site, or checking emails. To help reach specific audiences, you can select specific pages, websites, videos, apps, keywords, topics, demographics, categories, etc. of where you want your campaign display ads to appear.