To track Social Retargeting for your campaign, click on the “Social Retargeting” icon near the bottom of the dashboard.


The Social Retargeting section shows useful campaign data to track how successful your retargeted banner ads, for social media websites, have performed on converting bounced traffic into visitors, leads, and customers. Social retargeting is an advertising strategy that shows ads to consumers who have already used or visited your website or mobile app, without converting. These ads are relevant to the consumer, hoping to retarget them, while they are browsing social media sites. Unlike site retargeting, social retargeting is specific about which social media site you want to show your ads on. By using social retargeting, you have the ability to re-engage, increase brand awareness, sales, and ROI.

The graph shown below shows impressions, clicks, and cost of your retargeted social media campaigns for the current period. Simply click on a colored icon, on the graph, to hide or display the metrics shown.


For an example, this tool would be useful to view the cost per clicks (CPC) for the current period. Clicking on the "Impressions" icon will hide that metric and its data on the graph.

Underneath the graph, shows your current retargeted social media campaigns along with metrics describing the campaign’s status. Next to the "Campaigns" tab, shows ads that were used for those campaigns.