To track Retargeting for your campaign, click on the “Retargeting” icon near the bottom of the dashboard.


To learn more about Retargeting, here's a quick video summary to get more familiar with the Retargeting icon section in Clickx.


The Retargeting section shows useful data to track how successful your retargeted banner ads have performed on converting bounced traffic into visitors, leads, and customers. Retargeting is an advertising strategy that shows relevant ads to consumers who have already used or visited your website or mobile app, without converting. The intention is to retarget ads to consumers while they are browsing the web, an app, or through Google. By using retargeting, you have the ability to re-engage interested consumers, increase brand awareness, sales, and ROI.

  • Interactions (Clicks) – is a user’s action with any kind of ad format
  • Impressions – show how many times a keyword was viewed from its source, whether the ad was clicked on or not.
  • Conversions – how many visitors of that keyword were turned into a customer.