Once your location has been updated into the dashboard you can start tracking your reviews from a variety of different sites all in one place. Start by logging into the dashboard homepage. From here click on the "Reviews" icon located on the homepage. 

From there it should take you to a page that will show you all of your locations entered into the dashboard as well as the reviews for each corresponding location.

As you can see above, we have the location entered for the business, an overall star review rating, an option to copy the URL link to the landing page, and an option to look at each individual review and where the review was made.

To read your reviews, click on the "View Reviews" button located to the right of the location you want to see your reviews for. Once clicked on, you will be directed to a page similar to shown below showing your latest reviews in full detail.


On this page you can see who left a review, what site they left the review at, the star rating they gave your company, and when they left the review. Depending on the length of the review, some content left by a customer may not be fully displayed. To read the whole review, click on the "Read Full Review" associated with the specific review you wish to read.