To review metrics of your campaign, click on the “Summary” tab on the top right of the page. 


On this page, you can examine either the “Campaign Metrics” table or the graph beneath it. The campaign metrics table shows statistics on impressions, interactions, interaction rate, an average cost, cost, and conversion numbers of your campaign. It is important to note that interactions is synonymous with clicks. 

Campaign Metric Definitions

  • “Interactions or Clicks” or another word for clicks, shows how many times a keyword was engaged with. Interactions could also count if you view a video ad.
  • “Interaction Rate or Click Through Rate (CTR)” is, (# of interactions or clicks/# of impressions).

  • “Impressions” measures how many times an ad was viewed from its source. Impressions are when someone sees an ad, not when they click on it.

  • “Avg. Cost” is determined by, (cost of the keyword/# of clicks on the keyword).

  • “Cost” is how much you paid for the keyword.

  • “Conversions” means how many visitors of that keyword were turned into a customer.

Below the table, there are three tabs to choose from which display the graphs for clicks, impressions, and conversions of your campaign.


The graphs show clicks from the recent period, in yellow, and clicks from the previous period, in blue. An objective to consider for increasing campaign metrics is to keep the yellow line, for clicks, impressions, and conversions, above the blue. Based on which tab you're using, you can hover over each data point to see how many clicks, impressions, or conversions accumulated on that date.


To show one graphing line at a time, click on the colored symbol at the bottom of the graph that you want to take away. For this example, this tool would be useful to only view clicks from the previous period.