To view your keyword historical data, first login to your Clickx account home page. From here, click on the Keyword icon that will take you to the keyword main page.

  • A similar bar graph to the one above will show you the progress of how your total saved keywords are ranking over time. The color coded legend at the top with show you which color is corresponding to how many keywords are ranking in each section.
    • For example: The dark green color represents how many keywords are ranking in the top 3 Google searches and lighter green is 4-10 Google ranks. In the picture above, in July 2016 there was 1 keyword ranking in the top 3 shown in dark green. In August 2016 there was an increase of 4 keywords that ranked in the top 3 and becomes more evident as the dark green section is larger.
  • If you scroll down you will see a list of each saved keyword that you have entered and where it ranks.

  • Shown above is a more detailed list of your keywords with valuable information to analyze. 
  • Next to each keyword, there is a URL link that shows the Google search for that keyword.
  • Under the Google and Bing column, shows the ranking that will appear in those search engines. 
    • Each page only shows ten results. By looking at that number you can determine what page your website appears on for that search.
    • Google doesn't show results past 100. Anything higher will show as "100+", as it is very unlikely that anyone making a search will go past the 10th page.

  • To improve low rankings, here are a few tips:
  1. Add more content or optimize the current content on the page.
  2. Add a video to certain pages of your website.
  3. Use more links from other pages or sites to direct them toward your page.
  4. Add relevant pictures to your pages.
  • REMEMBER: SEO strategies require some patience. After several months have passed, you will be able to see your progress made on your keywords and learn what strategies are working to better optimize your website.