To export your keywords, start by logging into your Clickx dashboard account. From there, click on the keywords icon to take you to the keyword main page. From this screen you should see an "Export Keywords" icon to select.

After selecting that option, an excel sheet will begin downloading. Once that is finished, open the excel sheet to get a more in-depth analysis of your keywords. The sheet should look similar to the image shown below.

There is valuable information to look over, analyze, and assess how your keywords on your website are doing in comparison to Google and Bing searches. Here is a breakdown of what each column is showing in the Excel doc.

  • Starting in the first row with the name section, we can see each keyword that has been entered in on your Clickx account.
  • In this picture you can see an *asterisk next to the top 3 keywords. These indicate that they are paid ads that appear in Google searches.
  • In Column C and D you can see the google ranking for each keyword that would appear in a search.
  • Column E shows you the link to the site that is showing up in these Google searches.
  • Column F and G shows you at what point these rankings were taken for Google and Bing.
  • Column H, I, and J all show you the same statistics as C, D, and E except for Bing searches. 
  • In Column K you can see the search volume for each keyword showing how competitive it is.
  • Column L showing "CPC" at the top stands for cost per click. The amount of each click can be determined by how competitive each keyword is. 
  • Lastly in Column M, you can see the link showing you the actual Google search that was made with each keyword showing you the rankings in live time.