It is important to have phones that are constantly ringing in a business. Calls can be hot leads that help drive business in order to reach sales goals. Knowing how leads are generated helps a business identify what is working and what is not. The Call Analytics section tracks phone calls from Adwords, local marketing efforts, web traffic, offline marketing, and more. Track your call statistics from customers who found your business online and see when calls were made and how many there were. For an example, a company with multiple locations can track their phone calls all in one place and listen to the calls as they update in real time. You can track calls by status, unique callers, leads per day, caller ID, caller name, campaign name, date of call, duration of the call, and call status. To track Call Analytics, simply click on the "Call Analytics" icon at the top of your Clickx dashboard.

Call Analytics

To learn more about Call Analytics, here's a quick video summary to get more familiar with the Call Analytics icon section in Clickx.

The Calls by Status feature in the Call Analytics section is a valuable pie chart that displays how many phone calls were answered, unanswered, or canceled. The phone calls are made from customers who found your company.


The Unique Callers feature shows how many times a phone number from a company or customer called. For an example, if ABC company called three times then it will show that ABC company made three calls. 


The Leads Per Day feature shows a chart of unique leads and repeated callers to understand how many calls were made on a given day. Unique Leads shows the number of calls or leads that were tracked by Clickx when a customer found your business through PPC and contacted your company. Repeated Callers shows callers who have called multiple times.


Underneath the leads per day chart there's an informative table that describes every phone call that was tracked by Clickx when a customer found your business. The table displays a customer's phone number, company name, campaign name, date the call was made, the duration of the call, and the call status. To view more details about each report, click on the +/- icon on the left side. These details allow you to listen or download the recording of the conversation, and see when the call started and ended.