You can add new User's to your profile account for them to view and/or edit the information on the account based on their role. When inviting a new person you can determine what information they have access to based on the role you select for that user.

Here is a Quick Guide to add a new user to your profile:

  • Login into your Clickx account that takes you to your home dashboard.
  • Toward the left of the dashboard there are symbols that will show a pop out screen once highlighted.
  • In this list of icons, there's a list of different options like in the picture shown below.

  • Click on the "Invite New User" link to continue.
  • Now you should see a screen asking for information before adding the user.
  • Enter in the new user's Email (required field) to send an invitation.
  • Continue down the list of required fields by filling in a username, first name, and last name for the new user.
  • Now you can assign a role to the new user. Click on the double sided arrow next to "Select a Role" option.

  • Select either option to choose what role you want this user to be
  • Click "Send An Invitation" after checking to make sure all of the above information is filled out correctly.
  • They should receive an email notification asking them to activate their own personal account login.