The Job feature enables you to discover a wide range of job openings in the market. This feature allows you to see who is actively looking for candidates in sales, marketing or any other jobs which indicates that they are looking to go. We will also give you the email addresses of the key contacts within those companies that are actively recruiting, allowing you to present your agency's services as a cost-effective alternative for their sales and marketing needs. 

By connecting with these prospects, you can showcase the significant benefits of working with you. They will achieve superior results while avoiding the substantial costs associated with hiring full-time employees, such as sick leave, 401(k) contributions, health benefits, and taxes. This partnership will provide them with a more efficient and cost-effective solution, enhancing their overall productivity and financial performance.

How to Use the Jobs Feature

    1. Accessing the Jobs Feature:
      • Select "Jobs" from the left panel under "Leads."
    2. Searching for Jobs:
      • Enter relevant keywords in the "Enter Keyword" section, such as Your Niche + Sales or Marketing as keywords. For example: “marketing roofer,” “sales plumbing,” or “sales healthcare.”
      • Specify the country or city you want to search in the "Enter Country/City" section. We have the ability to find jobs in local cities so you may want to enter a city such as “New York” or “Chicago” rather than “United States”. The local searches will bring much more relevant results. You can repeat this for different cities as much as needed to fill in your pipeline. 
      • Click the search button.
    3. Running the Audit:
      • An audit will begin. Once it completes successfully, a green check will appear. 
    4. Viewing Job Listings:
      • Click the view button to see the list of jobs that match your search criteria.
      • To filter for remote jobs, switch on the toggle button for "Remote Jobs." Remote jobs are not always available, if they are we will filter it out further making it easier to make the case on why they should consider you as a viable option. 
    5. Interacting with Job Listings:
      Each job listing provides three options:
      • View Job: Opens the job description.
      • Find E-mail: Helps you find the email address. Enter the domain name to obtain the email address. Once found, the job moves to the top of the list.
      • Bad Fit: Removes the job from the list.
    6. Email Management:
      • Click "View E-mail" to access all the email addresses found.
      • On this page, you will also find two templates (Sales Template and Marketing Template) at the top right. You can customize these built-in templates as needed and then send them out.
    7. Rerun
        • Click the rerun button anytime you want to repeat the searches.
        • New jobs matching your desired keywords will be highlighted in the search results.
        • Repeat this process as often as needed to effectively scale your sales pipeline.

By following these steps, you can efficiently use the Job feature to discover job openings, collect contact information, and reach out to potential clients with personalized templates.

Note: Sometimes the jobs listed may not perfectly match the selected keyword because the keyword might be found somewhere within the job description. If you find a job unsuitable, simply click the X mark on the right side to mark it as a bad fit.