Email Prospecting FAQs

Your go-to manual for understanding email prospecting

What is the process for setting up email prospecting?
To learn more about setting up email prospecting, you can refer to our video training located in Clickx 101 under the label "Email Prospecting". This training provides a comprehensive overview of the process, guiding you through each step.
Quick overview:
1) Identify what niche you’re looking to go to. You will set up the leads component first so we start getting your specific niche leads lined up ready to send emails.

2) You want to create several email templates that we can use to create a sequence. The emails can have a video or screenshot of the client’s website. Refer to our Email Prospecting Guide:

3) Connect the email template to the the List in the order you want emails to go out 

4) Turn on Autopilot button 

5) If you have leads inside the list, click the Edit button on list to filter the categories of leads to contact. We exclude every other category in our outreach. 

6) Your emails will start sending within 24 hours. You can review the reports on the report page. 

Depending on the plan purchased, as part of your onboarding we will setup most of these for you. You can work with our team to optimize the templates until you have consistent results.

Do I need to opt out leads?
Our system takes care of the opt-out process for you. If a lead contacts us and requests to be removed from the email list, we handle that for you.

Is there something I am expected to do daily?

No, our system is designed to be fully automated in order to help our customers save time.Our system is designed to act as your personal appointment setter, handling the task of prospecting and booking appointments for you every day. The base plan allows for a maximum of 100 emails to be sent per day. These emails include the introductory email as well as follow-ups. Your plan credits cover all the necessary components for sending emails, including data, email verification, and inboxes. If you want to increase the quantity of prospects reached every day, you can reach out to your account manager about upgrading your plan.  

When should I consider changing up the emails?

If you have been sending emails for a few weeks and you want to experiment with a new email body, video, or offer, you have the flexibility to change the emails within the template section. As long as you don't create new templates, our system will automatically use the updated email templates for future emails. However, we advise against making frequent changes without giving the current emails enough time to gather data and assess their effectiveness. It is recommended to run the emails for a few weeks or even 1-2 months before considering any changes. This timeframe allows us to gather sufficient data to determine whether the current emails are achieving the desired results.

Is "Jennifer Moore" the default name for email sending?
The short answer is yes. Consider Jennifer as your dedicated appointment setter. You're welcome to say that on your calls or follow-up emails, "Per your conversation with Jennifer..." We use one of our team members names in the email to keep the inboxes tied to a person. ITo maximize open rates and minimize costs, we generate as many inboxes as necessary to run your email campaigns, whether you're sending 100 emails a day or 1000 emails a day.

For larger organizations, we have used different names, and they pay for the cost of having 100+ mail boxes. The price starts at $2,000 a month for such a setup in addition to the subscription.