Conditional Formatting

What is conditional formatting inside Clickx?

Conditional formatting allows you to generate sentences tailored to the available data for a given record. For example, if the first name is available, it will be incorporated into the template, otherwise an AI prompt will be utilized to craft a generic introductory sentence, such as "Greetings, XYZ Business team."

This conditional formatting is done in the templates section so that emails are sent out according to the instructions given.

Why do you need Conditional Formatting?

Conditional formatting empowers us to fully leverage the available data for each business and enhance the personalization of emails further. For instance, if we possess their Google business profile, we can incorporate a photo otherwise, we can omit it altogether.

How to use conditional formatting inside Clickx templates.

Conditional formatting is very simple to create, the formatting includes the “if,then” statement. 

You will use a code like the one below for the template:

 "{ %if youtube% }{{ youtube_video },{ % else % }{{ screenshot }{ % endif % }"

Here are few examples for a better understanding:

  1. Conditional Formatting to use First Name if we have it, if not to use Prompt 3. 
    {%if first_name%}{{first_name}},{% else %}{{prompt_3}}{% endif %}
  2. Conditional Formatting to use First Name if we have it, if not to use AI Intro. 
    {%if first_name%}{{first_name}},{% else %}{{intro}}{% endif %}
  3. Conditional Formatting to use Google Business Profile if we have it, if not to use a photo.
    {%if gbp_screenshot%}{{gbp_screenshot}},{% else %}{{gbp_photo}}{% endif %}